Jo Roderick, author and human


Welcome to Jo Roderick

I make up things as I go along, and then I publish.

This is a graphic list of Published Books by Jo Roderick.

Hi, my name is Jo, and it’s been …. where was I? Ah, yes! When I get the chance, I sometimes write books. You can find the details for these publications right here on my site. Some novels will take you on flights of fancy — or even time travel, while others are non-fiction and send you off on a journey of self-discovery. Have a browse; you never know … you might find a book you will enjoy.

Should you really want to know more about me — and some crazy people do — please read the somewhat dull ‘About Me’ section. I tend to live vicariously through fiction, sometimes even non-fiction.

I also provide services such as book cover design, 3D book staging, and formatting on my business site. Should you be in the market for a shiny new cover, dash on over to BC.B, and send me a message.