Fiction: Bermuda Phoenix (A Beach Read)


Bermuda Phoenix

A Beach Read

Length: 270 pages
Size: 5×8 inches
Language: This book has some snippets in PortugueseThis book is written in British English
ISBN: 978-0-9947065-1-5 (Print)
ISBN: 978-0-9947065-0-8 (e‑Book)

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  • RomCom
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Choc Lit
  • Beach Read
  • Romance
  • Humour
  • British English
  • Women’s Fiction


What is an author to do when he gives it his all, and it just isn’t enough? Head for an exotic archipelago, and pray to disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, of course.

Out of money and inspiration, Andrew decides to walk away from it all to start a simpler island life — or so he planned. While it sounds easy enough, things unravel when a statuesque blonde walks into the Berma Bar.

Just as life begins to perk up, he discovers that he is supposedly deceased. The odd thing is he doesn’t feel nearly as dead as one would expect. Now, he is beginning to wish he was still alive, but how can he rejoin the living?

With a new romance blooming on the pearly-pink shores of Bermuda, Andrew has an overwhelming life or death decision to make. Emily has a plan to revive the dead, but will it work? Can the reclusive author rise like a Phoenix to reclaim his life, and bask in the gentle arms of love?

It you enjoy Choc Lit, or a feel-good Romantic Comedy with plenty of chocolate cocktails, great banter, and endless balmy days in a picturesque paradise, then the Bermuda Phoenix is your prescription.

Key Concepts

  • Bermuda Archipelago
  • Bermuda Triangle
  • Travel
  • Love
  • Island Life
  • Paradise
  • HEA
  • Happily Ever After

Book Reviews

A Fun Example of a Rom Com

I’ve read and enjoyed a few books by this author now and they’ve all been totally different from each other and totally different from what I usually read. Bermuda Phoenix is the latest book and I might have to say, my favourite so far.

It’s a romantic comedy/choc lit and seeing as romance in all its guises is my go to genre this book ticked a lot of boxes for me. This might be different to Jo’s previous books but the eclectic mix of characters I’ve come to expect was ever present. This book introduces new characters I already can’t wait to read about again and also checks in with a couple of characters I really love from Jo’s previous books.

Bermuda Phoenix is a romance novel with lots of humour, warmth and just enough angst and drama to make me concerned for the HEA. I think this book has enough different elements for those readers like me that love romance and even those that think they don’t!

Laura Jones

An Excellent Piece of Escapism

A thoroughly enjoyable read, Bermuda Phoenix is a light but entertaining book, sometimes exciting, always engaging, and permeated throughout by Jo Roderick’s trademark wit. Although entirely different in genre from Six for Seven and Aeonosphere, the same tone pervades this book, and I am pleased to report that it is a perfect match for a romantic comedy.

The characters are eminently likeable and extremely well-drawn, and even those who might have been caricatures (I’m talking about you, McIntyre Monster) emerge into lives of their own. And last but by no means least, the island paradise of Bermuda is so vividly captured that even in a cold, wet northern winter, I found myself there.

Joel Hames

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