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Bermuda Phoenix Reviews

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Bermuda Phoenix Reviews

A Fun Example of a Rom Com

I’ve read and enjoyed a few books by this author now and they’ve all been totally different from each other and totally different from what I usually read. Bermuda Phoenix is the latest book and I might have to say, my favourite so far.

It’s a romantic comedy/choc lit and seeing as romance in all its guises is my go to genre this book ticked a lot of boxes for me. This might be different to Jo’s previous books but the eclectic mix of characters I’ve come to expect was ever present. This book introduces new characters I already can’t wait to read about again and also checks in with a couple of characters I really love from Jo’s previous books.

Bermuda Phoenix is a romance novel with lots of humour, warmth and just enough angst and drama to make me concerned for the HEA. I think this book has enough different elements for those readers like me that love romance and even those that think they don’t!

Laura Jones

A Cosy Winter Read that Makes Me Want to Visit Bermuda

A beach read or a winter cosy cheer up. Romantic novels aren’t my usual choice, but as I’ve read other books by this author, I expected it to be enlivened with plenty of humour and adventure and I was not disappointed.

This story has all the ingredients for a jolly good read; a mystery, a dream escape and a distinctive setting. We also bump into some familiar characters and I hope this is not our last visit to Bermuda.

Janet Gogerty

I Enjoyed this Book

I enjoyed this book. The story contained both romance and mystery. Written in a lighthearted style it is a fascinating insight into life on the island of Bermuda. What better place for a handsome hero escaping his past to fall in love with a beautiful visitor to the island. A pleasant, gently read.

Wendy Breytenbach

An Excellent Piece of Escapism

A thoroughly enjoyable read, Bermuda Phoenix is a light but entertaining book, sometimes exciting, always engaging, and permeated throughout by Jo Roderick’s trademark wit. Although entirely different in genre from Six for Seven and Aeonosphere, the same tone pervades this book, and I am pleased to report that it is a perfect match for a romantic comedy.

The characters are eminently likeable and extremely well-drawn, and even those who might have been caricatures (I’m talking about you, McIntyre Monster) emerge into lives of their own. And last but by no means least, the island paradise of Bermuda is so vividly captured that even in a cold, wet northern winter, I found myself there.

Joel Hames

Sheer Escapism in the Sun

I was given this book to review and was pleasantly surprised by the contents. As a non-romantic reader, I enjoyed the sheer escapsism of Andrew’s (a well-named character) adventures in Bermuda as he flees the drudgery and perceived failure of his New York lifestyle and ends up in Bermuda.

As expected, the real world eventually catches up with Andrew in the form of romance and unfinished business, but it was a pleasure to follow his journey as he accumulated friends, and happiness, with some unexpected drama on the way.

I thought I’d reached the end of this choc-lit story, only to discover I was only 65% of the way through. New adventures awaited me, and they didn’t disappoint.

Andrew Toynbee

If You Can’t Get to a Beach, Read This With a Cup of Hot Chocolate or a Packet of Rolos

Choc Lit is such a good description of this book – written from a man’s point of view, delightful and refreshing. Just when you think you know which way this is going a surprise or two pops in. The characters are believable even if they do not always behave the way you want them to.

There is a very helpful key to translate a couple of words used by residents, and you can almost smell the sea – the descriptions of the settings are so good. It also has the nicest way of indicating that two characters have been intimate with each other, without the need for graphic descriptions. I liked this a lot.

Sue Noyes

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