Fiction: The Scandari Saga Series

Tom Scandari and Annie Wynbergh return in a thrilling, Science Fiction series. This first adventure sees the two intrepid explorers’ team up with Mervin and Albert, in order to unleash the incredible potential of the enigmatic Aeonosphere, which lies hidden, below the city. Tom travels back through time to prevent devastating changes, masterminded by a greedy consortium based in the city of Johannesburg. Will Tom stop the madman, prevent the earth shattering consequences, and overcome the twist of betrayal? Travel in time with our heroes as they flee through the old mining tunnels, dodge an assassin, and make several daring escapes. A spectacular trip, back to 1941, takes the reader on a personal tour of the City of Gold, in all its glory. This is a complete novel, standing on its own, although it forms part of a projected three part series. The three books will reveal the story of Tom’s ancestral roots, and the mysteries of the Aeonosphere. Tom and Annie were first introduced in the novel, Six For Seven. If you are planning to read both, read Six For Seven first, as it does give additional insight and background to the characters.

The Scandari Saga Series

The Scandari Saga Series is a time travel thriller that is partly based in South Africa. Follow Tom, Annie, and Albert in their adventures. Aeonosphere is the first novel, and is a stand alone novel.


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