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Jo Roderick - The Scandari Saga Aeonosphere Reviews

A quirky, fast paced sci-fi novel

I really enjoyed Six for Seven so I was looking forward reading Aeonosphere and revisiting some of the characters I liked best in that book. I wasn’t disappointed. I must admit when I saw the number of chapters I did gulp a little but as soon as I started reading the pages and chapters fell away. This a real page turner of a book.

I really liked Tom. He’s funny, witty and sarcastic. And his unlikely partner in crime, Mervin is a hoot! As with Six For Seven I really enjoyed the insights into the South African way of life. The different character prospectives helped to make this a vivid reading experience.

This is a fast paced, quirky, sci-fi and more novel. Tom, Annie and Mervin are characters I am more than happy to continue reading about in the future!

L. Jones

Full of Mystery!

I normally do not read this type of book but I thought I would try something different than what genre I do read. The chapters are short so I found it to move at a faster pace. It was scary, intriguing, and exciting.

This novel kept me wanting more, as I could hardly put it down. It was a very exciting book to read. I would recommend this to anyone that has mystery to it.

I chose to read this novel and give it my honest review.

Gee Lucero Dixon

Another unique offering from this fascinating author

Having read and enjoyed Jo Roderick’s Six For Seven, I was intrigued by this experiment: take the characters from an absorbing dinner-party set piece and put them in the middle of a high-stakes thriller with sci-fi overtones.

Before the first chapter was out intrigued was replaced by hooked: Roderick has the one essential thing a writer in this area needs, a gift for pace. On top of that there’s a rare attention to detail that, far from slowing things down, lends the authenticity necessary to allow a cynical reader like yours truly to take the more unusual elements in his stride.

Although billed as the first of a series, Aeonosphere works perfectly as a stand-alone novel (to which a reading of Six For Seven would add some welcome nuance); but if Roderick plans on adding to Tom Scandari’s exploits, at least one grateful reader will be back for more.

Joel Hames

On the Edge of a Great Discovery

Scandari Saga is an exciting adventure that crosses time and space quite spectacularly. Tom Scandari, our intrepid hero, is on the edge of a great discovery – and no doubt, a great story for the newspaper he works for. As he investigates his case, he discovers something that even he can’t quite believe. It is, and I quote, a “thingamabob-widget-sphere-thingy”. His discovery leads him down a dangerous path of crime fighting, avoiding assassins, and time travel. What more could you want?

If you’re looking for a straight-up sci-fi novel, this definitely isn’t for you. The sci-fi element, although imperative to the story, is far from the central focus and this, I find refreshing. It’s not an all-singing, all-dancing, ‘I’m a sci-fi’ screaming firework, which actually makes the sci-fi element all the more believable – even if the main characters can’t quite believe it! In fact, the story reads much more like a detective mystery – certainly at the beginning, at least. The time travel itself plays such a small part and the narrative itself focusses on what Scandari will find and how the ‘baddie’ is going to be beaten. The story is gripping and I raced through the pleasantly short chapters, eager to find out how the adventure would end.

The characters, whilst endearing, are occasionally stock-characterish. Tom is a typical hero, daring and dashing, with the right amount of humour mixed in. Vorster is the universal bad-guy. This, in itself, is not a bad thing though. The stock-characterishness actually fitted the story and I can see the potential, certainly in Tom, to be developed throughout the rest of the series. Annie appeared in the book significantly less than I was expecting after reading the blurb but again, I’d be excited to see more of her in future books. Possibly one of my favourite characters featured the least – Zoey, or Zoyenka, is a fantastic character and I crave to know her backstory/see more about the way she lives her life, but alas, that may not be possible…

The book is littered with humour, and I’m not going to lie: I love me some humour – even in the most serious of books. Right down to the most tense moments and most exciting cliff-hangers, Roderick makes the reader laugh yet manages to succeed in not destroying the feel of the particular moment. With a car called Mildred and a hero who hums spy tunes whilst breaking and entering, the light humour that is sprinkled throughout the book makes for a pleasant read.

It’s not all rainbows and starlight (never is, is it?), although the problems I found were small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things (and, you know, traveling across time and space is pretty grand, ain’t it?). I was confused by some words until I worked out that they were South African slang (more a statement of my cultural ignorance than anything else, I suppose) but once I worked out what it was, it added a certain degree of authenticity to the dialogue. Also, every scene is linked with street names and route directions throughout Johannesburg – which for some, perhaps, will help to create a clear image and add some realism but for me, I found stalled the story at awkward moments. Finally, the chapters all begin talking about ‘him’ and what ‘he’ did and for each chapter, it took me a paragraph or two to work out exactly which ‘he’ that ‘he’ was (it’s a good job that I don’t get my ‘he’s mixed up in real life – my beloved would go bananas).

But do you know what? For a book with an impressive 121 chapters that kept me up far passed my bedtime on more than one occasion, a few little issues are nothing. With a great story, loveable characters, and some pretty awesome bonus material, Scandari Saga will have you clicking your heels and sucking your teeth with impatience as you wait for your next instalment.

Riley J Froud

Fast and steady … good thriller and suspense story

Another good one by Jo..After reading Six For seven I was curious of which character story i get to read first and here it is. the story line is full of surprises …with fast and furious track… hell lot of drama and suspense that keep to hooked through the book and increases curiosity at every turn of the page. I was like biting my nails so many times in excitement.

I like fast paced stories and this one was quite like it …all in all i would say a very interesting read. Waiting to read the next one by him…who is gonna be the next character….


Engaging Time Travel Novel

With so many time traveling novels that are out there, it is hard to distinguish the great stories by the ones that should be thrown to the side. This one is one of the great ones that keep you engaged and interested until the very end. The time traveling duo make for a very great story and one that you won’t want to put down, even after you finish it.

Anyone who wants to read a great sci-fi thriller should pick up this and give it a whirl. You will not be disappointed.

Ross Davis

Add Aeonosphere To Your Must-Read List

A solid story, crisp writing, and strong characters remind us that Jo Roderick is a master of detail with this story that transcends time and space and sweeps the reader along for a buckle-up ride of adventure and suspense.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this novel, Rodrick’s third, is a solid storyline that builds speed like a freight train that steadily gains momentum as it hurtles down a mountainside. Plus, when it comes to the characters, the good guys and gals are well-developed and likeable, with deep, playful relationships (and yes, the bad guys are boo-hiss villains you love to hate). Readers will especially fall in love with easy-going Tom, who never loses his cool or his sense of humor even in the face of death during chase scenes that cross the globe and travel back in time.

Advice to readers: Pick up a copy of Jo Roderick’s Aeonosphere. Then just sit back, start reading, and enjoy the trip, and let this story transport you. You will be surprised and delighted where it takes you.

John R. Ingrisano

Great book for Science Fiction fans and other readers who want to broaden their horizon

I have read Six for Seven by Jo and enjoyed much. The Aeonosphere came as a natural progression in the story as the dinner in Six for Seven is mention and some of the same people take part in this story. It is though not necessary to have read it before the Scandari Saga.

For us readers who like things planned and obvious Jo has created a timeline at the end of the book. It is a good guide since the story takes us many places in time and space.

Tom, the main character is an investigating journalist. Sometimes his stories or his curiosity gets him where other think he should keep out of. And that is exactly what happens in this story.

The book is exciting and full of beautifully written dialog and witty sarcastic comments, especially from Tom. I liked to see the bond grow between him and Annie. But these are backdrop to the real story.Tom has discovered a fantastic secret which puts him and those he cares for, in harms way. He still wants to solve the mystery and his curiosity can maybe get the better of him. It leads him on a journey of a lifetime. Zoyenka, the killer for hire, who is on his tails, manages to be dangerous and funny/sarcastic character at the same time, person who would be interesting to learn more about.

I liked the book, it had a good pace and I look forward to next book int he Scandari Saga.


Tom is watching and being watched and you will want to find out why

I enjoyed reading Six for Seven by the same author and was interested to meet some of the main characters propelled into a completely different type of novel. The prologue takes us back in the past and then chapter one propells us into the story set in 2008; Tom Scandari is keeping watch, but he is also being watched. The snappy chapters keep the adventure moving.

This is sci-fi of the kind I enjoy, with real people in real places. We are promised more at the end of the novel and I look forward to further adventures.

Janet Gogerty

Well-written characters and fast-paced plot

An interesting speculative story. I enjoyed the well-written characters and fast-paced plot. Tom,a reporter, introduced in the author’s previous book, Six for Seven, becomes embroiled in a time-traveling adventure after he observes some suspicious activities. Being a snoopy reporter, he follows the suspicious man, and ultimately sneaks into a secret chamber, where he encounters a time machine. Naturally, the owners are not happy, and Tom finds himself fighting against a shadowy group of people who plan to wreak havoc on the world.

It is not strictly necessary to read Six for Seven first, but that book does give you some insights into the characters. Aeonosphere is a littlw slow getting into the time travel plot, but once there the story moves quickly. I found the plot a little more interesting than that of Six for Seven, but both are good books.

Vivian R

Adventure, Love & Humour all rolled up in a Sci-Fi/Thriller/Time Travel Novel

This is the second book that I have read by this author. The first one Six for Seven introduces you to some of the characters you meet in Aeonsphere in a witty around the table dinner party. This book took Tom Scandari (I have a secret crush on him) from the dinner table and sent him on some hair-raising adventures.

This author gives you enough at all times to ensure you go back for more. It explores the love between him and Annie which is never in doubt but you do wonder whether they will ever give in to temptation.

This has a little bit of everything from the dashing young man, the independent successful woman, the bad man you wants to…well you will have to read it yourself to find that out. It has adventure and love and humour.

Maria Gibbs

Highly recommended

The story plot is non-stop, edge-of-your-seat, and nail biting, wonderful stuff. You will be taken on an adventure around the world, and, because of the great talent of the author’s for research and description, you will feel you are there in every location. Author Jo Roderick is a good writer who combines action, thriller, fiction, mystery, and exciting characters while keeping the plot moving.

If you start this one make sure your calendar is clear because you won’t put it down until the end.


A great adventure

I loved this book. It is science fiction and it is not over the top. It feels real and the settings are nicely set. I felt like I had gone back in time to visit South Africa. I used the list of links the author set up to view some of the areas the book visits. Mr Roderick does the past justice. The pace is fast and in some ways, it reminds me of Dan Brown’s books. The chapters are short and the action keeps switching to parallel events. It keeps you reading on for a few chapters. I wanted to know what happened next. It’s very much a thriller.

If you like time travel definitely read Aeonosphere. I wish I had started with the author’s previous novel first. I’m reading it now. Do yourself a favour and read them in order if you want to read Six for Seven and this one. You don’t have to read both but read them in order.


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