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Jo Roderick - Six For Seven Reviews

A most unusual and highly enjoyable read.

Really enjoyed this. An unusual book, for certain, and next to impossible to characterise, but a lot of fun regardless. A variety of figures sit down at the dinner table and one by one we enter their worlds and perch inside their minds as they parry the rapier-thrusts of repartee and try to guide the conversation where they want it to go. In less skilled hands, the gentle digs and the verbal dexterity might get tiresome, but because we have a chance to see inside these characters and understand what’s going on underneath the rhetoric, it retains an enjoyable tension to the end.

The characters themselves, for all their mutual participation in the kind of evening Oscar Wilde would have enjoyed, are varied and (with one notable exception) immensely likable; the exception is important: you don’t want to like everyone.

This is probably one of the oddest books I’ll read this year, but I suspect it will be one of the better ones, too.

Joel Hames

A Fabulous South African Dinner Party!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Six for Seven. It’s a fantastic book, very cleverly written and very very witty.

The book is based on a South African dinner party with some very interesting and complex characters. Each chapter is a different dinner guests POV giving us insight into their lives and their opinions of all the other guests.

The story was quite political in places with conversations about police corruption and crime and although I have no interest in politics I have to say I found it fascinating and entertaining, detailing what life is like South Africa.

There are a lot of ‘happenings’ with the characters, some come as couples and some are single and the great thing about this book is that you think you have got to know a certain character and then something happens with them or between them further in the book and you realise that they are not who you think they are.

The ending is fantastic with newspaper clippings of what happens to each character once they have left the dinner party, whether it’s just after or days/weeks/months ahead. Brilliant just brilliant!

A must read!

Jo Turner Field

Clever Dialog

The idea for this book is very good, and the writing is excellent. It’s mostly dialog and thoughts, but the dialog is well-crafted with some funny jabs, though the jokes are really the fluff that’s risen to the top. There is certainly political commentary as well as religious, and I don’t agree with everything the author puts forth. Even so, much of it is dead-on, and the corruption he highlights is something which takes place not only in South Africa but all over the world.

The most difficult aspect of the book is the large number of characters and how the author flips from one to the next to the next with every chapter. It’s a great concept, but for me personally, it was hard to keep them straight. I think it would work well as a movie. With that said, each character is revisited and more than once, so by the end, it all comes together well.

A Critical Reader

A dinner party that the reader feels a part of

Six For Seven certainly isn’t the usual sort of book I would normally go for but for some reason the blurb intrigued me so I thought I would give it a go.

The story actually made me feel like I was also a part of the evening, getting to know each diner and party to all the stories they were telling.

The dinner conversation certainly was interesting, some parts more than others and with an underlying sense of humour in parts.

A few of the characters intrigued me and would certainly like to see more books with them in. I especially liked the chemistry that was going on between Tom and Annabelle and these two definitely deserve a novel of their own.

Six For Seven certainly made for a different and enjoyable read and would certainly read more by the author.

Sarah Hardy (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

Like peeking through a window

Almost the entirety of this novel takes place around a dining table where a number of disparate characters discuss, argue and flirt over a long meal. Naturally, much is said and even more is intimated by allowing us to be privy to the thoughts of those whose point of view we are currently reading. It makes for a most unusual book. Initially I admit I found some of the conversation stilted. Later I tried reading it to myself in my version of a South African accent (that’s where it’s set) and it began to feel more alive. I felt that the author got into his stride in the second half of the book which flowed much better for me.

The author admits to a quirky sense of humour. Much is based on puns which are not my thing at all so it wasn’t a rib-tickler for me but its strength lies in its illumination of the workings of the South African political scene and the lawlessness and police corruption which accompany it. That’s not to say it was a heavy-handed political diatribe – not a bit of it. Wry observation was interspersed with details of the personal lives of the diners. The denoument was a bold exploration of the following eighteen months. I don’t want to spoil it by saying how but I’ve not seen a story wrapped up in this way before. A good sneaky peek through a window on South Africa.

Ignite (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

Clever and Witty

The author introduces you to a number of characters quite early on but it didn’t take long before I knew them. I loved how this book progressed. It takes skill to keep a reader hooked all the way through a book when there isn’t big action taking place. The conversations were great and the humour kept a grin on my face throughout, one of my favourite examples of this humour is: “My shoes taste terrible! I must find a tastier brand if I am going to keep embarrassing myself with such rampant regularity.”

I love the way the author wove the threads of their lives through the story so each new chapter brought a little more of each character. I have to say I am very curious about Tom & Annabelle. I have already picked up another book by this author on my kindle and look forward to reading it.

Maria Gibbs

Enjoy a dinner party and discover what the other guests are really thinking

The author gives some ‘notes’ before commencing and the most important instruction is do not taste the last course till the end – the ‘dessert’ did finish the meal off deliciously. I have never been to South Africa, or a charity dinner party. This is set in a specific time and the author claims it has both truth and parody.

I soon got involved and it was real, what fun to go to a dinner party and know what everyone else is thinking. Like any dinner party some of the guests talked for too long, but I enjoyed the novel and especially the way the end is constructed.

Janet Gogerty

I actually really enjoyed this book

I actually really enjoyed this book. It is very different, well written and funny. I have very little knowledge of the South African setting for the dinner party, but actually that didn’t matter at all. A really interesting, thoroughly enjoyable read. I received a copy from THE Book Club in exchange for an honest review.


Flowed like a real dinner party

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this through THE book club and really enjoyed it. I knew very little of SA but felt the characters gave a good insight into what it was like to live in SA. The book was funny and flowed like a real dinner party. The ending was very well done. I would highly recommend.

Sarah Bernacki

A Dinner Party Discussion Story

A story about a fast-paced dinner party. The story is told alternately from the point of view of different guests. There is lots of discourse among the characters, sometimes comical and sometimes serious. Often they discuss different moral or ethical questions. This story is very dialogue-heavy, so if you don’t like a lot of dialogue it might not be right for you. Otherwise a great story.

Vivian R

A Unique Way to Tell a Story!

Six for Seven, A South African Dinner by Jo Roderick offers a refreshing take on the mindset of those from South Africa.

The main idea of the story is that a group of people are guests at a dinner. Each chapter looks at the gathering from a different guest’s perspective. Now, this is highly original as I have never read a book that was written in this manner. You get a unique glimpse into the guests’ respective motivations as well as a look into South African culture. It is definitely worth a read.


Five stars for me!

This was a very well written book that delivered plenty of laughs!

Highly recommended. I shall look out for more of Jo’s titles.

Amazon Customer

Six for Seven

Love the style that the author wrote this book in. As a reader I really felt like I was apart of this dinner. I don’t know much about African culture but I loved learning about it thru this book. The plot of the book is great and made me think of telenovelas . The characters were very engaging. However, I did find it difficult to get into but past chapter 2 I started to really love where the author was trying to take me as a reader. Give this book a chance to show you a great storyline. you will not regret it.

To sum it up this book as everything I love characters that i can engage with , some humor and the addiction a great book effect where you don’t want to put it down. I cant wait to see more from this author. I give this book a 5 star review.

Kandi Lopez

Entertaining dinner party!

The story is very beautifully written. The hosts have invited a variety of people from all around to a benefit dinner. All the guests have an interesting back-story that is introduced to the reader and each chapter reveals the experience of one of the guests. It gets very clear that the host did not choose his guests randomly and that he is bringing people together in his own way and the dinner turns out to be a huge success. Some of the guests you get very drawn into and enjoy, but others, especially one guest in particular is not very likable. The author has a very joyful style and manages to express several perspective for each guest.

I specially enjoyed to be presented a little to South Africa through the story. The ending was unpredictable and very pleasing. The story is very humorous, and consists of elegant writing as well as entertaining and interesting conversations. The story reminds you why you read for pleasure. You always learn something new and enter another world which you are not familiar with. South Africa is a long way from Iceland, and it was nice to be able to catch a glimpse of the life in Johannesburg.


A quirky, unique read!

I throughly enjoyed this book. I am not familiar with the politics or way of life in South Africa so this book was both highly amusing and informative. I loved getting to know the quirky group of dinner guests as they got to know each other. This is such a unique book thanks to both the way it is written and the eclectic characters. I quickly grew fond of a number of the characters and I am thrilled to learn some of them will be returning. I laughed constantly while reading this book and will look forward to reading more from this author.

Laura Jones

Interesting characters, laugh out loud humor, with a splash of South African culture

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author took a unique approach by having each chapter shown through the viewpoint of a different dinner guest…what a wonderful concept!!! This allowed the author to fully develop the various characters and show who they are under the surface. Haven’t we all sat at gatherings and wondered what others were thinking? The author puts us in the position of being in the head of each of the characters, what a delight!

Living in the US, I also appreciated learning about the realities of South Africa in a humorous way, even when the topics themselves aren’t so humorous.

To sum it up, a variety of characters, good humor, and a bit of cultural enlightenment…a pretty nice mix if you ask me!


Dinner Party Fun

What a dinner party! I’d love to have been invited to it with its diverse mix of characters.

I enjoyed this book and found the writing beautifully descriptive. I could picture the house and gardens perfectly.

I’d definitely recommend this.

Jackie Roche

Six For Seven

Enjoyable story and characters. It’s laid out a bit like an Agatha Christie novel with different character classes and social standings with more and more of their backgrounds being revealed with each chapter. It also giving social commentary in a humorous way without beating you over the head with it. It gives a glimpse into life elsewhere as well.


Dinner is Served

This is another book that I am at a loss as to what to say about initially. During reading a book I have been asked to review, I occasionally make notes about things I want to say in my review, or at least have some idea about what I am going to say once I have finished but, apart from “I thoroughly enjoyed reading it” I came away from the book initially thinking nothing, And that, I believe is how it should be. There should be no room for formulating a review during reading. It is important to read the whole to be able to discuss a book (the main reason I do not review books I don’t finish). What this also illustrates is that this book captivated my attention completely – it helped that I was stuck on a plane for most of the time! Anyway, I am just going to ramble on and see where this takes me…

The book is set during a dinner party. We have the hosts, their employees and guests. An eclectic mix of people. Among the guests we find a guru, a reverend, a psychologist, two journalists and a celebrity couple all very different people and, over deliciously prepared meals, we see them discuss and debate all the taboo subjects, whilst also (some anyway) gratuitously flirting with each other. All this taking place in spoken word and actions whilst, as the reader, we are also privy to certain characters’ inner dialogue which spices it up somewhat. Sparks fly, people are offended, connections are made. There is a good deal of politics and corruption, religion, and sexuality discussed but, instead of being preachy, it is delivered in such a way as to be often tongue-in-cheek and so doesn’t come across as heavy. I would say that it gave me a small peek into South Africa and her ways and lifestyles but with the reservation that the data stems only from one source.

The characterisation was brilliant. All the different characters were well described and unique. The way they interacted and debated felt real and true to their individual personalities. Some of the observations into the ways of life were also brilliant especially those about the less political subjects – perfectly parodied. Each chapter is written from the perspective of one of the characters and was done in a way that the transition between chapters was seamless and did not come across as forced. By the end of the meal (and coffee) I found that I had got to know several of the characters quite well and I actually felt like I was sat in the room with them at times.
I also found the author’s style of writing very easy for me to read. Whether it is the language used (local words notwithstanding) or us being on the same wavelength with regard to humour and social observation, I don’t know. I don’t need to analyse it either. Whatever it was, it just worked.

And the end of the book, the newspaper clippings of what happened next (near and distant future) to some of the characters was brilliant. Much better than a chapter each in an epilogue – hats off to the author for that!
I understand that the author is taking some of these characters on into future books. I would definitely be up for reading more about them, Especially Tom who I believe already has his own series starting. Definitely putting that book on my TBR.

Ashrae (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

A feast for the reader

This is not my usual type of read, but I really enjoyed it.

It seemed strange that an entire book could be set at a dinner party- but it worked. We get to meet the characters as the guests arrive and throughout the evening and the different courses we pop in and out of their heads, getting to know them from the inside so to speak as well as through the eyes of the others. The conversation is fast paced and funny and the people feel like real people you might know, all be it somewhat exaggerated at times.
I also liked the quirkiness of the end and I will definitely be looking out for more by this author.

Book Monitor


This is not normally the type of book I read but I am so glad I read it. I must say its the oddest book I have read but that’s what makes it a great book and something out of the norm. It made me laugh so much and the ending is fantastic. If you are reading my review I would strongly recommend you download this book and read it. You won’t be disappointed.

Audrey Gibson

Into Humurous Dialogue? Read This!

This novel, based in South Africa in the 21st century is comedic as well as thought-provoking. We have a set of friends who go to dinner who have distinctly different religious and spiritual views as well as political ones.

Talk about hot-headed tempers flailing and jokers of sorts faking serenity and a Bible thumping reverend who seeks nothing more than to quote a “though shall” or a “thou-shalt-not” over every hot bed discussion that comes up as different courses of a meal are served. There is a great amount of dialogue between the characters as well as one main character’s reflection on others’ actions.

It is definitely a page turner that I almost couldn’t put down. It is worth the read and then some. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re into dialogue and are searching for a book to read.

Cody Weinmann

African Flair

The story is based in South Africa and gives us a little sneak peek through the window of a group of people sitting around a table eating dinner and socializing.

The story shows some of the African Culture and how they go about everyday life such as; cooking, cleaning, entertainment and taking care of family. I found this novel to be very interesting.

I chose to read this and give it my honest review.

Gee Lucero Dixon

Sneaky peek through a window on South Africa

A good sneaky peek through a window on South Africa. The story pretty much is a group of people sat round a table eating dinner, making small talk. There is a variety of characters, some more interesting than others. Each chapter introduces the reader to each character and then alternates between them until the evening is over.

I enjoyed this book and found the writing beautifully descriptive. I could picture the house and gardens perfectly. The way this story was put together was really good. I would recommend anybody to read this book if they want to know a little more about the African culture and how they go about doing things.

This book has made me want to discover more about the history and geography of South Africa. It’s very interesting.


Heartfelt congratulations to Jo Roderick for a lovely book

Well, what a novel way to end a… erm, a novel! Superb!
This is a very quirky but lovable book. Almost the entire plot is taken up by a disparate group of people attending a dinner party. For me delving into the characters’ minds was as intriguing as the insights into life in South Africa. It’s clever, it’s wry, it’s witty and funny. Be prepared for topics including politics, crime, faith, corruption – it has so much.

I loved the introduction – how thoughtful of the author to give a nice bit of background to the book and especially the info about South African slang. I loved the fact that some of the places mentioned I have been to during a business trip back in 2008 – made it all real for me. So, heartfelt congratulations to Jo Roderick for a lovely book! And I agree – dinner is not complete without a dessert! Oh, and I think it is evident that the author is human. *big smile*

Book Mad ME

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