Non-Fiction: The Book of Life Press Kit

There is no 7 step, 14 day, 5-exercise plan to being yourself! Fortunately, this book presents logical information that can guide you on numerous subjects. The material contain in these pages is written in a layman’s “black and white” approach. There are no enigmas, mysteries, or secrets! The content is presented in a digestible, humorous fashion! Sheep faithfully follow the same path home day after day. You have the choice of a different path, take it, and enjoy the new scenery. The aim of this book is to make you think. Once you do, you will never be the same again .... Genres: Creativity Happiness Inner Child Motivational Personal Transformation Self-Esteem Self-Help Spiritual Stress Management Key Concepts: Personal Power; Karma; Abundance, Wealth, and Success; Stress, Debt and Money; Love; Guilt; Happiness and Depression; Change, Choice, and Expectation; Guidance; Productivity, Freedom, Self-Help, Confidence, Self-Esteem; Inner Child; Attraction, Friendships and Relationships; Master Goals; Daydreams and Ideals; Enlightenment, Faith, Spirituality, and New Age; Martyrs and Victims; Live For Today; Communication Skills; Positive Outlook, Affirmation, Motivation, Fulfilment, and Inspiration; Philosophy and Psychology; Conscience and Self-Discovery; Moving On; Intent, Purpose, Guidance, Passion, Manifesting, and Growth; Challenges For the Future, Leadership Other Books by the Author * Happy Now! * Recycled Thoughts (FREE Book) * Publish It Yourself! (Book 1 of Publish It Yourself!) * Format It Yourself! (Book 2 of Publish It Yourself!) * Viral WordPress SEO * Six For Seven (A South African Dinner) * The Scandari Saga - Aeonosphere * The Scandari Saga - Back To Christmas (FREE Book) * Bermuda Phoenix

The Book of Life Press Kit

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