Non-Fiction: Now Self-Help Series

Happy Now! - Awaken Positive Transformation with Simple Habits Anyone Can Master There is no happy pill or magic trip leading to the ecstasy of Nirvana. Many self-help programs cite a complex; multi-step process or a specific way of attaining happiness; but the reality is much simpler. It all starts with a choice and this guide can help you achieve happier Mental Health. Many will toss away the humblest of positive solutions; but will you? As human beings; we often complicate our lives where things are really straightforward. Have you reached the turnaround point where you are tired of all the needless complication? Many handbooks teaching the Law of Attraction often miss a vital step in the process. Discover how you can overcome depression and feelings of ‘not being good enough’; and live your best life. Being happy is just as easy as being unhappy; but many of us need to be taught how. With each new positive habit; the more accessible personal joy becomes. Serotonin; Dopamine; Oxytocin; and various Endorphins are all released naturally; but only when you actively reach a state of happiness. When you are ready to make different choices; true and lasting change can begin ... immediately. Change Your Mind; and Change Your Life. Be happy today; because tomorrow you will be so grateful of your new mindset. It’s not rocket science; it’s a habit! Key Concepts: Lasting Happiness; Positive Habits; Life Purpose; Happy Living; Love and Wisdom; Law of Attraction; Awakening Personal Power; Depression and Negativity; Comfort Zone; Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Endorphins; Social Confidence; Empower the Self; Joy, Bliss, and Ecstasy; Psychology; Mood, Mind, and the Brain; Journey Map; Train; Practical Skills; Conquer Fear; Effective Personal Change; Personal Freedom; Simple Tips; Turnaround; Mental Health; Genres: Happiness | Self-Help | Motivational | Personal Transformation | Personal Growth | Spirituality | Mindset | Life Coaching | Inspirational | Persona

The Now Self-Help Series

The Now Series of self-help books is written to be concise, and helpful. It delivers on the simple truths not often heard in our modern life. Sometimes a spade is just a shovel used to toss the muck aside until you find what you seek.

Published in separate volumes, they make for ‘easy reading’ about the particular subject the reader wishes more information on. These books are a no-nonsense approach to life, with logical and practical advice to assist you on your road to a happier life.


Happy Now! Cover. A Guide to Effective Self-Publishing. Anyone who plans to publish a book needs the technical information neatly presented in layman’s terms. It is important to know the basics of electronic publishing.


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