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Recycled Thoughts Reviews

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Recycled Thoughts Reviews by Jo Roderick

This book I found very inspiring and I learned a lot!

This book has been a very informative read. I was brought up to be a recycler and thought this was the environmental thing to do. I have seen films on landfills and so I thought recycling was the only solution.

This book explains that one should first try to reuse items and keep using them as long as possible rater than always recycling or worse throwing them in the garage.

This book for me personally was not only thought provoking, it was inspiring me to either keep things longer or pass them on to a person who really needs it.

This is a well written book. I highly recommend it.

Daisy S (Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer)

A great book, give your self a little wake-up.

This was a very thought provoking book. I found it to be insightful and the author to be very engaging. At times I felt as though I should’ve known some of these facts, recognizing them as common sense. It is intelligently written without marketing the reader feel less of a person. Everyone would benefit from this author’s insight.

Thanks for a great read and new found knowledge.


Every drop of water on Earth is recycled

Would you rather drink water that has seeped for thousands of years through limestone or that recently made its way through buried computers and Twenty First Century rubbish? Neither Jo Roderick nor his readers can change the modern world alone, but we can certainly think about what is going on and do our bit.

At school we had to ‘Do’ Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson and ever since I have never squirted a single creature or laid a slug pellet, but I have to say I remember the book being very boring to read. Now here is a book that is succinct and very easy to dip into, with neat chapters rounded off with bullet points to summarise.

Janet Gogerty

Great read

Easy to read, found myself nodding in agreement. Reads like it would sound in person. Accessible text and well informed author.



Eye opening to how much is going on and can be changed. Time seems to be running out faster than money hungry companies want us to think.


A Book That Applies Common Sense to the “Green” Movement

Recycled Thoughts is an interesting take on the “Green” movement, challenging the way we think about energy usage and recycling. The author brings up important points. For one, our modern society is far too wasteful, despite recycling so many things. For another, recycling is a manufacturing process, and as Rodrigues writes, “any manufacturing process- including recycling- produced some form of pollution.” It is better to use a quality-made product that lasts forever, than to take it for granted that you can just recycle things.

We’ve become a society that makes everything disposable. Life was simpler, cleaner and “greener” in decades past. This book encourages people to slow down, stop and think and applies common sense to a nonsensical world that’s become too busy for its own good.

A Critical Reader

Interesting book

Good ideas for upcycling


Good for creating interest in the topic of environment

I believe that this short book is perfect for people who are interested in the environment but do not have the energy to read a lot about it. This book sums up the recycling ideas quite well, but unfortunately there was nothing new in it for me. But I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m studying environmental sciences at school at master’s level and therefore I do have to know a bit more already than your average Joe.

I try to understand that the author tried to shock the readers, e.g. by presenting the fact that paper production and recycling is not really environmentally friendly and one should not use a full sheet of A4 paper to scribble a single note, but there was no shocking new information in it for me. Do I know too much of the subject for the book to shock me in the right ways?

I guess I do, because I felt that Roderick left some rather rudimentary basics out of this book. He shared some of the information, but left out a ton of information without what our knowledge is left incomplete. But I guess one cannot really expect him to share everything in the course of this rather short book and I believe that this book’s purpose is to make people more interested in the subject without overwhelming them with facts. It should make your average Joe notice stuff he didn’t notice before and maybe even do his own research into the topic at hand.


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